12-Week Full-Time Career Accelerator

Our Intensive and Structured Programs provide the skill sets to launchpad you into earning six figures per year. 

Learn From Engineers

Receive instruction and mentorship from engineers already in the field as we continue to build our community of professionals and peers.


Solve Real Problems

Gain key industry knowledge and specialized skills by solving real problems on a real production network.


Become Interview Ready

Our in-house career coaches provide resources and guidance to get you on track for an exciting career in technology.

Join our Community of Practice

Learn best practices from other students, graduates, and experts already in the field. Learn new knowledge to advance your professional career through regular interaction and exposure to complex system issues.   


You can always lean on our in-house team of experts to provide guidance and support whenever you need it.

All of our graduates receive career coaching, interview-readiness training, and direct access to recruiters and potential employers.




Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer an installment payment plan for our Training Programs. You can spread out the cost of your tuition. Pay in multiple installments throughout the duration of the course. Speak to our finance team to learn more!

Do you offer a referral program?

Ask about our referral program. We offer $250 for each referral. Contact one of our team members for more details.

What prerequistes do I need to start the training program?

Basic keyboarding and computer navigational skills Basic computer understanding Laptop or iPad with wireless keyboard Fast internet connection/hotspot Dedication and willingness to learn

When is the next training session starting?

Check out the “Services” section for all the information on upcoming sessions!

Why is the Linux Administration Training Program relevant today?

The world literally runs on Linux! It is THE most used software on the planet and powers every single aspect of your daily life from the majority of mobile devices, the top 500 supercomputers, internet infrastructure nearly everywhere, cloud and data centers, the internet of things (IoT), wi-fi routers, cameras, banking, all the way down to your everyday laptops and desktops. If you cut off Linux all over the world, the internet would stop. In this course, you will master the Linux command line, OS tools, troubleshooting and problem solving, securing, and much more. By the end of this course, you will be a professional Linux Systems Administrator eligible to apply for Linux jobs and able to become a RedHat Certified System Administrator with average salaries being six-figures. “Even Windows has been impregnated with an entire Linux kernel to keep it relevant as a platform for developers.” - Jay Hopkins, Windows user since 1995: Linux user since 2014

What practical skills will I have once I've completed the Training Program?

After completing our Linux Systems Administrator training course, you’ll be able to apply and interview for roles averaging $80k+ salaries, Check out Indeed.com!

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